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NON Standard

The team was born in June 2013 and consits of Eva Walzel (Performer), Dominic Leser (Performer) and Christian Wagner (Videoflyer). Our skydiving backgrounds vary quite a bit but we all share the passion for flying in the sky as well as in the tunnel. We love to fly, learn and progress together and we love to share our passion with others. If you would like to fly with us in the sky or in the tunnel, please fell free to contact us. If you want us to come and organize at your dropzone or join your team of loadorganizers for your boogie/skydiving event, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to flying with you!

Eva (Performer)

Eva started skydiving in 2009 and started freeflying pretty much right away. From the beginning she was very focused on improving her freefly skills and managed to win the nationals with NON-Standard for the first time after only 650 jumps in 2013. Right after winning the nationals Eva went to Eloy, Arizona and was part of the 2013 Women's Vertical HD World Record. Eva did a lot of competitive archery in the past making her an outstanding performer during phases of increased mental stress like skydiving competitions. Eva likes to fly with all levels of skydivers and enjoys to learn and progress together. Eva was part of several national HU & HD records, as well as the 2016 European HU record. In her non-skydiving life Eva is a pilot for Germany's largest airline.

Dom (Performer)

Dom started skyidiving in 2002 on a small Cessna dropzone. Since then he did about 2300 jumps and became a rated tunnel instructor and coach in early 2011. He can mainly be found at Indoor Skydiving Bottrop. Dom likes to fly with people indoors as well as in the sky to help them reach their skydiving goals as fast as possible. He was part of the 96 way European Headdown Record in Empuriabrava in 2013, the 2016 Head Up World Record in Eloy and has helped to organize several national HD & HU records -  including the 2016 European HU record. When he is not skydiving or flying in the tunnel he works as a pilot for Germany's largest airline.

Christian (Video)

Christian started skydiving in 2010 and became a rated tunnel instructor, AFF instructor, tandem instructor and USPA coach within only three years before he joined the team in 2014. With Christian on the team we won the German Nationals for the second time in 2014. Christian can be found on different dropzones around Europe where he is always willing to help people reach their goals and push their personal limits. During winter he can mainly be found coaching in the wind tunnel. Christian has accumulated more than 1600 jumps and more than 400hrs of tunnel time. He was part of the 2015 German HD Record as well as the 2016 German & European HU Record. 

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